Okay. We’ve reached the stage where allllll the links I’ve sent before are gonna start coming together. So it’s a good thing everybody’s kept up to date on those links! Right? Riiiiight?

I’m gonna break this all down more fully over the next few days. But here — for easy reference — is where this is ultimately all going:

Part 1 - Donald Trump

In the 90s, Trump was unable to procure loans from US sources (due to defaulting at the finish line on every single one previous).

Trump and his coven therefore turned to international sources. As his own children have said, they found the majority of their future funding in Russia.

But Russia, as we are all now fully aware, is far from your average corrupt-but-only-in-a-tax-breaks-for-the-rich-sense” world power — it is essentially a gangster state writ large. There is no separation between organized crime and government — they are one and the same.

Which meant that the aforementioned funding came with a few more strings than your average exorbitant interest rate. This money came with guarantees that Trump’s organizations and businesses would assist interested Russians with trafficking and sale of their illicit goods.

The trafficked goods in this case being underage sex workers.

I realize that’s a startling and hard-to-imagine claim. It sounds preposterous on its face, like a bad lie made up by the National Enquirer (ha!) or something.

But then again… everything else I’ve said has been accurate thus far.

Digest accordingly.

In broad strokes, this is how it goes down:

  • It’s the 1990s. Trump needs money. Russia needs a way to ship underage girls to American businessmen (such as Trump’s close friend Jeffrey Epstein — or any of the Republicans in the 50+ links I sent in my prior email regarding Convicted Republican Pedophiles).
  • Trump goes to Russia to propose Trump Tower Moscow. The GRU immediately recognize him for the useful idiot that he is. Rather than help him profit off their country (as he intends), they decide to profit off his.
  • They agree to a deal that includes terms detailing how Trump will use his international chain of hotels — which serve as the annual host of the MISS UNIVERSE series of pageants, including MISS TEEN USA as well as several other events involving underage girls — as their own personal Underage Railroad”.
  • Trump samples the wares” — THIS is the pee” tape. Yes, it’s almost certainly as described: a video of Trump encouraging and spectating two prostitutes pissing on a bed that Obama had slept in”. The missing detail is that those prostitutes were underage — that’s why it’s perceived as such a big deal, despite (allegedly) containing what amounts to a consensual — if puerile — act.
  • Now they have Trump on tape with underage hookers. Now Trump is their personal buttboy forever and ever, amen.
  • Thus the endless Trump attacks on solely those politicans whom Russia dislikes (even and especially pre-2016)
  • Thus Trump’s curious (ha!) refusal to so much as wonder out loud if Putin’s being anything but a stand up guy.
  • Thus his weird obsession with accusing the Democrats of hiding pedophiles (here’s a handy refresher on how to translate Trump speak, btw):

I know, I know: Projection AGAIN? God, how REPETITIVE. Again, you have to remember these are conservatives. They hate change. Repetition is their whole bag.

I mean technically, this is even a conservative approach! After all — people have been fucking kids since the beginning of human history. To PREVENT people fucking kids would be to enact change!

(ps you laugh, but guess what their defense is gonna be)

Next Time:

On PART 2 - THE GOP, we’ll dig into how Newt, Mitch, Paul Ryan and the rest of the Good Ole Rascals got hooked on the same shit through the NRA. See you then!

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