Trump Issues Warning to Opponents: It Would Be Very Bad’ If His Military, Police and Biker Supporters Got Tough’

Yet another example of Trump encouraging violence in his supporters (you know: like the one who sent pipe bombs to Democrats in the mail, or the one who had a hit list a mile long of the liberal stars of Trump’s two minutes of hate)

Conservatives: please send me any and all links to Republican legislators decrying such dangerous rhetoric.

When you cannot find any such links, please (once more) reassess whether you want to be supporting people who don’t find a sitting president provoking violence against citizens who disagree with his policies to be worthy of reprimand (much less action).

I’m interested: who are your heroes on the Right currently? Who are the thinkers that inspire you? With whose vision of America Future are you most enarmored?

Because all your current elected leaders have entirely thrown in with a dimwitted despot to the detriment (and possible elimination) of your — and my — children’s futures.

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