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Pennyworth S2 Is a Shitload of Fun Apr 18, 2021 review & tv PENNYWORTH is rad as hell. Yes it’s on Epix, I know, I know, but it’s worth the entire price of admission, believe me. It’s created by the guy who The Intelligence Coup Of The Century Feb 11, 2020 tv & news I fucking knew it. Rubicon Wayne Dec 3, 2019 media & tv Or: The Greatest Show Nobody Is Watching Look at this teaser: That’s a fucking teaser. For the record: WAYNE S1 is the single finest season of On Thematic Evergreens Nov 20, 2019 review & tv Boy, the commentary on Nazis and authoritarianism sure has shifted position in the past few years since this show started up. What was once a sci-fi Media Close Reading Nov 11, 2019 tv & creative Alleged serial killer Khalil Wheeler-Weaver on trial for three New Jersey murders “…less than human, less valuable” according to whom? This is