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Starring Jeff Berg & Eva Hamilton


Kyuzo and the Sky
Partial Objects


(available upon request)

Thoughts & Prayers

A black comedy in the vein of NETWORK about a small-town high schooler who posts a threat online — inadvertently stumbling into an NRA plot to arm teachers and falling victim to a media/political apparatus bent on subsuming his aimless frustration for its own malicious ends.”

(top 10% at Nicoll Fellowship Screenwriting Competition)

A White Death

A farcical dramedy about grief, marriage, and rebuilding trust based on the true story of the deadliest sniper in military history. Co-stars a polar bear who may or may not be real

(Semi-Finalist, AFF Feature Competition)

The Death Of Epstein: A Comedy In Four Acts

A career prison warden boozing it up at his retirement party gets word that the world’s most famous prisoner Jeffrey Epstein is being transferred to his prison and soon finds himself forced to protect the billionaire child molester from bizarre assassination attempts and an increasingly corrupted prison staff — all in in effort to hold onto his bonus for 10 Years of No Unnatural Deaths”.

Last Chance, America (Pilot, Half-Hour Comedy)

SCHITT’S CREEK meets THE WALKING DEAD. Fifteen years after the collapse of civilization, the Wardens — a family of one-percenters — are forced out of their cozy bunker when their security team takes over. They must now contend with mutant monsters and post-apocalyptic gangs while making a new home among the eclectic group of survivors that’s reluctantly taken them in.

Cold Iron (Pilot, Hour-Long)

TRUE BLOOD meets PERSON OF INTEREST –Contemporary dark fantasy/adventure. When her brother is kidnapped by literal nightmares from their childhood, A professional thief must ally with a group of damaged survivors holding the line against ancient evil now adapting to the Information Age.”

(placed in the second round of the AFF Pilot competition)

A Billionaire’s Guide To Saving The World (Pilot, Hour-Long)

When the world’s largest oil tanker comes under terrorist attack in international waters, areospace engineer Hannah Dearborn finds herself reluctantly recruited by an eccentric billionaire to help prevent catastrophe — and further his revolutionary agenda.”

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