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Partial{objects} Jul 25, 2021 fiction & creative Like most advancements that wind up fundamentally altering civilization, the Exemplar System started out as a minor project in the basement of some Cobwebs Jul 20, 2021 fiction & creative This fucking spider was going to be the end of him. When Ben was a kid, his mother used to tell him stories about his ancestors: towering figures, A Conservative Proposal Nov 6, 2020 creative & fiction & satire by Will McKim The election is over. Joe Biden stands victorious over the lard-laden corpse of his predecessor’s tenure. All that remains is to set # Kyuzo and the Sky Feb 1, 2020 fiction (I reserve the right to re-edit this as I wish and without warning.) Kyuzo had never trusted airplanes. He was instead the sort of person who