Life in the Time of Deepfakes
Orwell on Thinking “If people cannot write well, they cannot think well, and if they cannot think well, others will do their thinking for them.” ―George Orwell Nov 8, 2023 quote
Orwell on Thinking Nov 8, 2023 quote “If people cannot write well, they cannot think well, and if they cannot think well, others will do their thinking for them.” ―George Orwell Gonna Start Writing Here Again Oct 18, 2023 Or, at least, this post is meant to hold me to it. I’m over trying to figure out how AI changes things around here, for better or worse. This is a On Selfishness Dec 14, 2022 quote “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for It Begins Nov 22, 2022 ai & news America in 3 Paragraphs Nov 21, 2022 news & America What a country Washington Post Goes Tumblr Oct 27, 2022 news & links In the middle of an innocent article on halloween decorations! Truly we live in astonishing times Inspiration of the Day Oct 22, 2022 links the man https://twitter.com/kaelanisays/status/1583516553470844929?s=10&t=pVb9QGPzXV_BjsaoRN15ww the moment See Movie Clips of Any Phrase Oct 19, 2022 links & ai & cinema This is the kind of project that rules: https://www.playphrase.me https://www.playphrase.me/#/search?q=We’re+not+so+different 2020 Wildfires - Lacma Sep 24, 2022 photo On Wallowing Sep 21, 2022 micro & blog & self pity grumble grumble San Francisco + Los Angeles Aug 25, 2022 Videogrep Is Awesome May 23, 2022 video & media & tech Behold, every ‘fuck’ in the pilot of Succession: Thank you to Sam Lavigne for this rad utility Eye Spy Apr 17, 2022 photo Entitled Jan 14, 2022 photo The Death of Privacy: Apple’s New Surveillance Dec 1, 2021 essay & criticism “The strategic adversary is fascism… the fascism in us all, in our heads and in our everyday behavior, the fascism that causes us to love power, to The Best of All Possible Dogs Nov 4, 2021 micro & post Cooper McKim, 2007-2021 Gonna miss you bud. Enjoy the endless hamburger buffet in heaven Partial{objects} Jul 25, 2021 fiction & creative Like most advancements that wind up fundamentally altering civilization, the Exemplar System started out as a minor project in the basement of some Cobwebs Jul 20, 2021 fiction & creative This fucking spider was going to be the end of him. When Ben was a kid, his mother used to tell him stories about his ancestors: towering figures, Circles, Flat or Otherwise Jun 27, 2021 post “Propaganda doesn’t succeed because it is manipulative, it works because people WANT it, NEED it, it gives their life a direction and meaning and Pennyworth S2 Is a Shitload of Fun Apr 18, 2021 review & tv PENNYWORTH is rad as hell. Yes it’s on Epix, I know, I know, but it’s worth the entire price of admission, believe me. It’s created by the guy who
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