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Beware the Lincoln Project. Sep 12, 2020 news & politics & warnings They’re stunting on Trump in order to entice liberal media to spread their articles/videos (and thereby credibility) to their left-leaning What Kind Of Day(/Week/Month/Year) Has It Been Jun 17, 2020 politics & writing & ideas For starters? It’s been a whole lot. Kobe Coronavirus George Floyd Breonna Taylor - Rayshard Brooks (Largely Justifiable) Riots et all biden's vp Mar 8, 2020 politics & micro Biden’s gonna pick Kamala for VP All in on Bernie Feb 26, 2020 politics & news Just wanted to state for the record that I’m all in on Bernie and have been since December. While I still have tremendous respect for Warren and her Democratic Debate Bloomberg Feb 19, 2020 politics & micro It was nice of Biden to actually show up for tonight’s debate Political Authenticity in the Modern Age Feb 13, 2020 media & politics & post Authenticity is the key to modern political battles. Trump won because he’s authentic — a racist piece of shit, sure, but authentically racist and On Elizabeth Warren: Apr 27, 2019 politics Barring exceptional circumstance my (not yet confederate) money’s on Warren as the one to tackle ole Deranged Donny. She’s the only candidate on my On Foreign Emoluments, Or: How to Purchase an Entire Political Party Apr 18, 2019 politics & essays & ideas Trump hotels exempted from ban on foreign payments under new stance | US news | The Guardian “A narrow justice department interpretation of the