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Orwell on Thinking
November 8, 2023

On Selfishness
December 14, 2022

Be Careful When You Cast Out Your Demons That You Don’t Throw Away the Best of Yourself.
March 28, 2021

I Tell You, We Are Here on Earth to Fart Around, and Don’t Let Anybody Tell You Different.
March 18, 2021

God, Government, and Getting Things Done
December 5, 2020

From Wizard’s Hall
November 20, 2020

Robin Williams
April 9, 2020

“Conservatism Consists of Exactly One Proposition, to Wit: There Must Be In-Groups Whom the Law Protects but Does Not Bind, Alongside Out-Groups Whom the Law Binds but Does Not Protect.”
April 7, 2020

On Identity
February 27, 2020

On Why, Seriously, Why
February 14, 2019

On Common Sense
February 13, 2019

“For the Observation That Prison Fails to Eliminate Crime,
January 28, 2019

“First, Capitalism Is a Pure Religious Cult, Perhaps the Most Extreme There Ever Was.”
January 28, 2019

On Power, and the Resistance Thereof
January 27, 2019

on anacondas
January 27, 2019

“I Told Him to Be Himself. That Was Pretty Mean I Guess.”
January 27, 2019

on ideas
January 27, 2019