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Atlanta Nov 8, 2022 micro & tv & writing & essays & entertainment I’ve loved Donald Glover since the Derrick Comedy and NYE Mixtape era, but I’ve been in awe of his accumen since the pilot of ATLANTA. The show is On Wallowing Sep 21, 2022 micro & blog & self pity grumble grumble The Best of All Possible Dogs Nov 4, 2021 micro & post Cooper McKim, 2007-2021 Gonna miss you bud. Enjoy the endless hamburger buffet in heaven Plains Hog-Nosed Snake Jun 17, 2021 micro I love them 70 percent Apr 1, 2021 micro 70% of the republican party is one guy wearing different lack of hair pieces inceldom is just crowdsourced depression. Feb 7, 2021 micro & culture !!(Potential) SPOILERS FOR DEVS!! Mar 10, 2020 micro Also: Also just for the record because nobody I know is watching Devs and I need to talk about this: they’re in a simulated reality. And they know westworld s3 Mar 9, 2020 micro & tv One more week, ya’ll Biden’s gonna pick Kamala for VP. Mar 8, 2020 politics & micro It was nice of Biden to actually show up for tonight’s debate. Feb 19, 2020 politics & micro PEAK TV Jan 31, 2020 micro MR. ROBOT and THE GOOD PLACE — two of the most ambitious shows I’ve ever seen — both stuck their landing(s) to a degree I never thought possible.