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On Wallowing Sep 21, 2022 micro & blog & self pity grumble grumble The Best of All Possible Dogs Nov 4, 2021 micro & post Cooper McKim, 2007-2021 Gonna miss you bud. Enjoy the endless hamburger buffet in heaven Plains Hog-Nosed Snake Jun 17, 2021 micro I love them 70 percent Apr 1, 2021 micro 70% of the republican party is one guy wearing different lack of hair pieces inceldom is just crowdsourced depression. Feb 7, 2021 micro & culture !!(Potential) SPOILERS FOR DEVS!! Mar 10, 2020 micro Also: Also just for the record because nobody I know is watching Devs and I need to talk about this: they’re in a simulated reality. And they know westworld s3 Mar 9, 2020 micro & tv One more week, ya’ll Biden’s gonna pick Kamala for VP. Mar 8, 2020 politics & micro It was nice of Biden to actually show up for tonight’s debate. Feb 19, 2020 politics & micro PEAK TV Jan 31, 2020 micro MR. ROBOT and THE GOOD PLACE — two of the most ambitious shows I’ve ever seen — both stuck their landing(s) to a degree I never thought possible.