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What Kind Of Day(/Week/Month/Year) Has It Been Jun 17, 2020 politics & writing & ideas For starters? It’s been a whole lot. Kobe Coronavirus George Floyd Breonna Taylor - Rayshard Brooks (Largely Justifiable) Riots et all On Related Reading Nov 8, 2019 ideas Start here: The Female Is the Species Stir in: source Let simmer until ready The Last Psychiatrist Nov 7, 2019 ideas Ought to be required reading, as far as I’m concerned. source Or, from 2010 for fuck’s sake: source How do you say, “prophetic” The Female Is the Species Nov 4, 2019 review & ideas I read FEMALES, by Andrea Long Chu over the the last week. Highly recommended reading for anyone with a solid sense of self. Certainly the most On Foreign Emoluments, Or: How to Purchase an Entire Political Party Apr 18, 2019 politics & essays & ideas Trump hotels exempted from ban on foreign payments under new stance | US news | The Guardian “A narrow justice department interpretation of the America Gets a Lot of Shit. Mar 26, 2019 ideas & misplaced_hope And much of it is well deserved. Much of it is not. Quite a lot of it seems to miss a fundamental point: America acts like it’s different from the On Beating Back Evil Mar 17, 2019 news & ideas The general argument in the Democratic party right now is over what sort of candidate we need — a big swinging progressive or a moderate. That’s It’s All Opera, Baby Feb 17, 2019 posts & ideas There are stories like THE SOPRANOS that do the work to humanize and shade the majority of characters bumped off on-screen, the kind of stories that Born and Raised in Wishabitch Wood Feb 8, 2019 writing & ideas “When we too are armed and trained, we can convince men that we have hands, feet, and a heart like yours; and although we may be delicate and soft, On Power, and the Resistance Thereof Jan 27, 2019 quote & ideas “In a sense, I am a moralist, insofar as I believe that one of the tasks, one of the meanings of human existence—the source of human freedom—is