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Videogrep Is Awesome May 23, 2022 video & media & tech Behold, every ‘fuck’ in the pilot of Succession: Thank you to Sam Lavigne for this rad utility A Thousand Words. Mar 18, 2020 media Political Authenticity in the Modern Age Feb 13, 2020 media & politics & post Authenticity is the key to modern political battles. Trump won because he’s authentic — a racist piece of shit, sure, but authentically racist and Wayne Dec 3, 2019 media & tv Or: The Greatest Show Nobody Is Watching Look at this teaser: That’s a fucking teaser. For the record: WAYNE S1 is the single finest season of How to Read the News Jan 29, 2019 media & my_work & post It is no longer possible to remain informed about current events by following one or two or even several sources. You need to pick many, and connect on anacondas Jan 27, 2019 quote & media “If the cast seems large, reflect that some, perhaps many, of these characters are required so that they can be eaten by snakes” - Roger Ebert1