The decision not to debate on Fox is shortsighted and could hurt the party and its candidates.

The pullquote: Ms. Mair is a Republican strategist.”

That’s the byline bio. That the author of this piece is someone who makes their nut by nutting all over the face of the American people should equate to — in the immortal words of James Howlett — ‘Nuff Said’.

But just in case there’s any lingering wishy-washy liberal-ass confusion, let’s break down why this is such an inspid waste of web:

As far as providing a truthful accounting of national events, Fox News is a known bad actor. They are at this point no less than a state propaganda wing of the Trump Administration.

The argument proposed in the article is that by refusing to go on Fox, Democrats are missing out on potential voters. First off, those voters are allowed to watch the debate on a network other than Fox.

But aside from that, there are only two kinds of voters who watch Fox News:

  1. People who watch Fox News, among a variety of other sources
  2. People who watch only Fox News

For the former — they will simply watch the debate, wherever it may be.

And for the latter — they are not going to vote for a Democratic candidate. Given that their worldview is shaped by only FOX propaganda, to do so would be insane — given the lies FOX spews about the Democrats.

There is a significant portion of the American population — Trump’s base — that is lost to us at the moment. They are lost to us because all the elected officials and media personalities in whom they’ve placed their trust are are only telling them what is profitable and what is good for their own bottom line.

They’ve done so for a long time. It’s very hard to recover from that, and I feel for them.

But nevertheless we cannot cater to the lowest common denominator. We’re not a bunch of commies right?

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