The Scourge of Voter Fraud

Published February 18, 2019


North Carolina Election Board Finds Evidence Of Significant Fraud To Help GOP Candidate

That’s a direct link to the findings report. Here’s the abstract:

The evidence will show that a coordinated, unlawful, and substantially resourced absentee ballot scheme operated during the 2018 general election in Bladen and Robeson Counties.”

(Emphasis mine)

I can scarcely imagine the outrage Republican voters must feel to learn that their elected — “ish”, as it turns out — officials have been tampering with the electoral process. As Patriots” and real Americans”, I’m sure they’re outraged more than anyone at the idea of someone attempting to illegally influence the Will of the People.

At the very least, there’s good news for the conservative media: finally FOXs firm belief that voter fraud is a thing is vindicated — I can’t wait to see their followup story detailed the lurid details of this unAmerican GOP attempt to stick a thumb on the scales of justice!

Okay buddy, but this is merely ONE proven instance of a coordinated, unlawful, and substantially resourced absentee ballot scheme” in service of GOP candidates. So a mistake was made! We all know how easy it is to end up there — one day you’re dutifully registering new voters on behalf of the campaign, but you tick the wrong box and pay off a few thugs and suddenly you’re part of a coordinated, unlawful, and substantially resourced absentee ballot scheme”? Just for breaking the law? Don’t they know you’re a white dude? Don’t they know who your father is? Haven’t they seen your CALENDARS? Don’t make me cry like a baby on TV you meanies, cause I will! I mean really, whose country IS this anyway?!??

In fact, it seems this may NOT be an isolated incident. But I’ll leave that up to you — the rational, informer thinker who has truly considered their every political opinion and weighed it against the factual evidence on display — and simply provide source material instead of bombastic (and yet, frustratingly unassailable — damned reality and its liberal bias) commentary from me.

In an effort to provide unbiased sources, here are two separate reports on proven instances of Voter Fraud. One is from the Brennan Center for Justice, and the other is from the Heritage Foundation (you know, the guys who originally proposed single-payer Health Care back before Obama supported universal health care [and thus revealed it to be a tool of the devil]).

Brennan Center for Justice — Voter Fraud Heritage Foundation Voter Fraud Report

You may note that — in a shocking departure from the usual MO — one of the two reports is sourced with third-party reports and reporting from trusted institutions, while the other… often links to sources such as — the Alabama Blog!”

Particularly eagle-eyed readers might ALSO find it interesting that every single poorly-sourced case in the Heritage document refers to instances of single-voter fraud — that is, one person attempts to submit multiple ballots for whatever reason. Whereas the other document covers a multitude of instances of what appear to be institutional misconduct — much like the case documented above. One guess how many of those cases of institutional misconduct on behalf of the people charged with running our democratic elections turns out to favor the Democrats.

But if that’s the case, why has nobody been prosecuted for these large scale operations of clear voter fraud? All those cases in the Heritage Report got prosecuted — so why not the same for the Brennan Center report?

You mean like how not a single person went to jail over the Subprime Mortgage crisis, but thousands of people are arrested for stealing groceries every single day? I mean, how do you keep a wave upon the sand?

The Answer — as in all things — is Tax Reform.

When the people shall have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich”.

— Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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