On Power, and the Resistance Thereof

Published January 27, 2019

In a sense, I am a moralist, insofar as I believe that one of the tasks, one of the meanings of human existence—the source of human freedom—is never to accept anything as definitive, untouchable, obvious, or immobile. No aspect of reality should be allowed to become a definitive and inhuman law for us.”

We have to rise up against all forms of power—but not just power in the narrow sense of the word, referring to the power of a government or of one social group over another: these are only a few particular instances of power.”

Power is anything that tends to render immobile and untouchable those things that are offered to us as real, as true, as good.”

- Michel Foucault1

  1. November 10, 1980 Daily Californian, Interview.↩︎

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