On Irony

Published June 11, 2019

Tree planted by Trump and Macron dead: Friendship tree” planted by Presidents Trump and Macron at the White House last year has died - CBS News

After some confusion, an official from Macron’s office set the record straight. The tree was put in quarantine as a safety measure, like other foreign plants or animals brought into U.S. territory. The official said Mr. Trump insisted on holding a symbolic planting ceremony despite the quarantine requirement.

But more than a year later, the tree has not come out of quarantine — because, as it turns out, it died there, the Agence France-Presse (AFP) news agency reports. In keeping with that symbolism, the presidents’ relationship with one another has also taken a turn for the worse since then.

Separate, quarantine, exterminate. Aka the children-seeking-asylum” methodology.

I mean, when all you’ve got is a hammer…”

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