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Published February 27, 2019

Brief Update on Don Jr

In a Monday morning appearance on Fox News, Donald Trump, Jr., insisted that the president’s 2016 campaign team has been unfairly targeted by a Stalinist” special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III — and that crimes committed before the election shouldn’t count as actual crimes.”

They’re not investigating actual crimes anymore… There are no actual crimes,” the president’s son said. There’s only things that people did in past lives, in 2006 before we even thought we’d ever get into this crazy world. And that’s what it is.”

As near as I can tell, what Donald Jr is saying here is:

Robert Mueller is now looking at crimes [my family; the Trump organization; our associates] committed before Trump had any intention of running in an election, much less winning one. Given that we committed those crimes with an expectation of”nobody looking too hard at the books“, I find it ridiculous that this is all coming up now simply because my father and everyone in his orbit have been using the entire country like a combination whipping-boy and piggy bank, selling off our public interests for personal profit and destabilizing the order of the global community on an unprecedented scale.”

I am open to alternative translations. Please provide them.


Just some followup info on Gaetz, so we have a picture of the Mensa candidate we’re dealing with:

Gaetz is a relatively new face in the current-GOP-base (née The Tea Party), so you wouldn’t have heard of him. He was elected in the special election held after Rep Ray Sansom (R-Florida) was formally charged with third-degree felony grand theft and conspiracy (runs in the party, I guess [jk, not a guess — a well sourced and proven fact, just look a post past, present, and future])

From Wikipedia:

While serving in the state house, Gaetz joined with Joe Negron to propose legislation designed to accelerate the execution of many of the 404 inmates on Florida’s death row” by requiring the to sign a death warrant for those inmates who have exhausted their appeals,6(–6) noting, Only God can judge. But we can sure set up the meeting.”7\(

He’s also extremely close with Trump, and often uses the exact same language as the man himself. I wonder who told him to compose that tweet?

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