Executive Orders Day One

Published November 14, 2020

Biden’s liberal governing options shrink after Republican gains in House and narrowly divided Senate. - The Washington Post

This article’s argument is that because we didn’t get a Democratic Supermajority along with President Biden, Biden therefore cannot rule as if he had a mandate.

This is an INCREDIBLY outdated take. Like, twenty years out of date.

We no longer have to worry about Congress to pass legislation — there’s now precedent for the President to declare a National Emergency and take funds from just about anywhere for just about anything (see: the Wall).

So day one Biden must issue National Emergency” executive orders for: Climate Change, UBI, Healthcare, Police Reform, Election security and reform, as well as addressing Facebook, Google and the like. And then take funds from Defense to pay for it all (since that’s the right budgeting category anyway).

If Republicans don’t agree with this, they are welcome to work with Dems to pass legislation in which they have a say — and if they are polite, perhaps Biden will read it.

Otherwise, it’s the executive orders all day erryday baby.

The point is: give away NOTHING before they come to the table, and begin from the most fundamentalist position you can possibly take. Because it’s a guarantee that’s what the GOP will do.

Potential Arguments Against, Rebuted:

1. To act like them would solidify their behavior into precedent.

So your position is that, should the GOP attain the presidency once again, they will NOT engage in exactly that behavior? Be serious.

That particular cat is already out the bag. To not use all the tools of office to achieve our objectives would be weak and ineffective.

Nobody wants weak and ineffective leadership.

2. That’s not how legislation is supposed to work. Neither is it meant to be a system wherein Moscow Mitch McConnell lets everything the American people are voting for pile up on his desk like so much shit. And yet here we are.

I think you’ll agree the current system isn’t working. So you must agree it’s time for a change.

3. The President shouldn’t force change on the American people. Horseshit. Most (white) people consider World War II the high-point of this country as a whole and FDR (Democrat) had to drag us into that one kicking and screaming.

Which led us to the New Deal, which you may recall worked out pretty well for everyone involved. And their kids. It’s the kids after that where it got a little hazy.

So maybe it’s time for a NEW New Deal. Does it come in any other colors 🤔?

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