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Published February 14, 2019

Andrew McCabe’s disturbing account of working for Sessions and Trump

He didn’t read intelligence reports and mixed up classified material with what he had seen in newspaper clips. He seemed confused about the structure and purpose of organizations and became overwhelmed when meetings covered multiple subjects. He blamed immigrants for nearly every societal problem and uttered racist sentiments with shocking callousness.

This isn’t how President Trump is depicted in a new book by former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe. Instead, it’s McCabe’s account of what it was like to work for then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The FBI was better off when you all only hired Irishmen,” Sessions said in one diatribe about the bureau’s workforce. They were drunks but they could be trusted. Not like all those new people with nose rings and tattoos — who knows what they’re doing?”

It’s a startling portrait that suggests that the Trump administration’s reputation for baseness and dysfunction has, if anything, been understated and too narrowly attributed to the president.”

(Emphasis mine)

So. Not only is the entire administration a bunch of treasonous racists, they’re bumblingly out of date racists. Anti-Irish sentiments! In this day and age.

Over/Under on whether he’s aware slavery’s not a thing anymore — takers?

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