The Galactic Structure of Things Today

Published February 11, 2019


Let’s say you eat some cheese. And I get very mad, because somebody (first fucking Sally, and now you) has been eating all my cheese for a while now.

So I want to know who ate all my cheese. And your response is I do not think it is right to eat other’s cheese without asking”. And I don’t really push too hard, because I assume it’s more of fucking Sally’s bullshit.

So I call for an amendment to our cohabitation constitution. I want to explicitly demand that all cheese be left untouched by anyone not that block’s (or wheel’s) respective owner.

And you claim to support my amendment, but secretly you’re a cheese-eating hussy like Sally so you collude with her behind the scenes to ensure my bill does not pass, and that keeps happening enough times that I get disillusioned with the system and give up.

Also: there’s a chore chart and every hand is me.

That’s our current media/political landscape in a nutshell, i.e. “the atomic and subatomic and galactic structure of things today!”1

  1. NETWORK (1976)↩︎

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