What Kind Of Day(/Week/Month/Year) Has It Been

For starters? It’s been a whole lot.

  • Kobe
  • Coronavirus
  • George Floyd
  • Breonna Taylor - Rayshard Brooks
  • (Largely Justifiable) Riots
  • et all
  • Coronavirus 2.0

Here’s a longer list if you need to refresh your memory — I know mine is shot to shit with all the bullshit out there to keep track of.

I’ve yelled at family and spoken harshly with a lot of friends, both for good reasons and for bad. I’m trying to be better about both.

These past few months I’ve largely been warbling between a few different extreme states of being, including-but-not-limited-to: pure nihilism, liquid despair, wild hope, and (semi)righteous fury. I’m lucky to have roommates. But I’ve mostly felt entirely alone. Which is hardly unusual, but a bit more pronounced these days.

But then again, it’s not so bad. My roommates and I have grown closer. Our house is a marvel of clean livability. We even got a cat. And I’ve finally hit rock bottom: I’m making a short film.

So I probably won’t be back for a while, since between that, work, and trying to keep the world at bay, I expect to be rather busy in the coming days.

So I leave you with this:


Thank you for your time.

here is the cat

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