On Elizabeth Warren:

Imagine This Lady Sitting Across the Table From Putin. He Would Hate It. It Would Be Great.


Barring exceptional circumstance my (not yet confederate) money’s on Warren as the one to tackle ole Deranged Donny.

She’s the only candidate on my radar who has come to the table with detailed, well-thought-out plans for how she intends to pay for every single one of her proposed policies.

What’s more, her plan to enact all this change STARTS with a gutting and sanitization of a large swath of the ongoing corruption in Washington. She recognizes that in order to make shit happen, she needs to address the dickheads clogging up the pipes.

That’s a major, fundamental shift in the way Democrats have been approaching politics. The vast majority of them are still — publicly, at least — playing by the rules of politics. Yes they’ll talk about Republican corruption, but they won’t change their own strategies to account for it. Meanwhile Warren has identified the correct targets and has proven herself an absolute beast at sticking to her messaging.

Warren is proposing to fight the right battles, for the right reasons, in an intelligent and digestible way. Based on her record, the things they have to throw at her are:

  • she’s a woman
  • she claimed to be part Native American and was real awkward about it afterwards
  • she seems like she’d be a real drag on a roadtrip

That’ll work until the debates. At which point Warren will clearly and simply explain to people how Trump has negatively impacted their lives in a financial sense — and how she would change that.

And I think that will work, because there are two kinds of people in Trump’s current base:

  • ride and die halfwits
  • people who care solely about the economy and yet don’t understand it on a longer term basis than their next pay day.

And by the time we get to the debates, everyone will be feeling the fuller effects of Trump’s tax cut for the rich. The latter category is going to be uncomfortably suspicious they’ve been had. When Warren gets up to the podium and confirms their fears are true — and offers them not only a way forward, but a way UP, one that is realistic, that actually seems possible…

I think that might play well against a fidgeting clown. Politicians keep losing to Trump because all most politicians have are The Rules and a Sense of Decorum. Trump throws those out the window and everyone’s left holding their dicks.

Warren doesn’t have a dick. She’s got an actionable plan informed by accepted intelligence — and it’s one that will positively impact the lives of every American. It’s her nomination to lose.1

  1. That last line is the part I would tweet if Jack Dorsey weren’t a sniveling shitstain with a noodle dick and fat thighs. I’d tweet this part too.↩︎

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