On A.I.

Published January 28, 2019

or: life in the time of deepfakes

chapter 1

The scariest thing about AI isn’t even AI itself 1, it’s the idea of it being in the hands of the authorities. And that’s not an idea. That’s our reality.

Police forces are being militarized. That doesn’t just mean the conversion of officer to soldier — that means the equipment too. And you better believe the US Armed Forces have the best of the best. Meaning intelligent weapons.

Not like Terminator’ intelligent (after all, he was capable of growth). These are much more insidious — the sort that categorize people by a set of statistics and ignore the whole.

They do the work so humans don’t have to. So humanity is excised from the process. And society becomes that much more dehumanizing. And so it goes.

It is the small society of landholders who must maintain and increase the family wealth and bequeath it to those who bear their name.” 2

  1. I mean, it is, it’s just that’s probably a decade off or more. Humans will kill each other long before that happens.↩︎

  2. Excerpt From: Michel Foucault. The History of Sexuality, Vol. 2: The Use of Pleasure.”↩︎

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