Corona? I Hardly Know’a!

President Trump is now fully embracing the conspiracy theory that his assorted enemies are deliberately hyping the coronavirus threat, all to damage him politically.

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Is it ironic that there’s finally a scenario facing the US where authoritarian-esque measures would actually be a defensible response with regard to mitigating potential catastrophe — but Trump’s too concerned with avoiding blame to actually live out his dictatorial dreams? Or merely blackly comic?

On a Different Note

It occurred to me today that the coronavirus might be the thing that keeps China from pulling fully ahead as the foundation of the global economy.

Like, if Bernie (read: not Trump”) wins (and assuming Trump’s handling of the coronavirus doesn’t kill us all) we might still be in a position where the US can jump back in the game and force green tech down everyone’s throat whether they like it or not (as is tradition).

Also, with regard to the current (long anticipated, just waiting for a reason) big push to move manufacturing outside of China — that’s for the best for a multitude of reasons, beginning with no longer financially incentivizing breeding grounds for doomsday illnesses” and also including all nations having skin in the manufacturing game, lifting China out of the position of being the Picture to the global economy’s Dorian Grey”.

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