A Pre-Emptive Us Strike on Iran Would Be One of the Worst Blunders in American History, and Trump Officials Are Seriously Considering It

Published February 26, 2019

After the 2015 international agreement known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA, placed strict limitations on Iran’s nuclear program, the war drums abated for a while. But now they are beating again.

John Bolton, President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, has long advocated a more hawkish US policy toward Iran. In a 2015 op-ed, he openly supported bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Soon after joining the Trump administration, Bolton asked the Pentagon for military options to strike Iran. Earlier this week, unnamed Trump administration officials — possibly looking to develop a legal rationale for a military strike — suggested to reporters in The Washington Times that Iran is providing sanctuary to senior al-Qaida operatives.

Now I understand why we pulled out of the treaty, rather than trying to adjust, improve, or negotiate about it literally at all — we’re gonna bomb them! Can’t be bombing people you’ve got treaties with, after all.

Speaking of bombs, boy I sure hope this doesn’t have anything to do with this OTHER link I sent a while back:

Trump Ordered Usable-Size” Nuclear Weapons Be Built

Because surely the wise, learned gentleman of the GOP recognize that no amount of Russian money can buy you a new planet, at least not in time for it to matter. Right?


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