Crisis on Infinite IPs


I know this is super fucking nerdy but the CW DC shows are doing Crisis on Infinite Earths (a big deal comic book event from the 80s that got rid of the multiverse and condensed everything down to one universe). It’s a big glorious mess.

But here’s the thing. They’re including everything. Everything.

In no particular order and barely covering a fraction of the total:

  • Brandon Routh as Kingdom Come Superman
  • Kevin fuckin Conroy as Dark Knight Returns Batman
  • They got a guy from the original Batman movies
  • They tied in the LUCIFER TV show — and gave him a beat with Constantine. Beautiful.
  • They got clips from TITANS.
  • Tom fuckin’ Welling back from my childhood (and Erica Durance from my adolescence).
  • They killed off BIRDS OF PREY as an opening segment
  • A beautiful coda for the 90s FLASH TV show that makes the whole universe seem a lot larger than it really is.
  • A lovely gracenote between Ollie and Sara. Two characters (if not actors) who started the whole thing, and the ones most effective at keeping the whole train in motion.
  • Jon Cryer is killing it and enjoying the hell out of every minute of it.

Long story short: they’re using this opportunity to give endings to everything cinematically DC that never got one. And CRISIS is, thematically, the perfect vehicle with which to do so.

If you’ve ever given a shit about any of it, it’s worth a watch.

Shit’s fun, ya’ll.

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